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Using Saga on Helium Mobile
Using Saga on Helium Mobile
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Helium Mobile is a new way to connect your new Saga phone. Learn more about using Saga with Helium Mobile - here.

Saga users who purchase their phones with Solana Mobile will be able to sign up regardless of where they live. You will need to sign up with the same email address used to order your Saga phone. Your first 30 days will be free of charge and after that you’ll receive unlimited talk, text, and data at a monthly cost.

Getting Started

Signing up for Helium Mobile

  1. When you receive your Helium Mobile SIMs, head to to begin.

  2. Select Get Started to begin signing up.

  3. From there, you can create an account and continue through the sign-up process as normal. View this walkthrough for detailed instructions on setting up your account.

    *The email address must match the one used for the original Saga order. Resale/second-hand Saga phones do not qualify for the free month trial.

SIM Activation and Installation

The Solana Saga phone only accepts physical SIM cards. Please ensure that you have a physical Voice SIM before proceeding. If you also received a physical Data SIM, that can be discarded since the Data portion of the plan is now included on the Voice SIM. For consistency, we recommend inserting the Voice SIM into Slot 1.

To begin setting up your SIM, download the Helium Mobile app.

*While we always recommend running the latest OS on your device, the oldest compatible versions for the app are Android 11 and iOS 14.

Activating your SIM:

  1. Download your Wi-Fi Certificate.

    1. To use Helium Mobile, you’ll need to install a Wi-Fi certificate.

    2. Tap ‘Allow’ when you see the Wi-Fi certificate popup.

  2. Activate your SIM Card.

    1. Locate the 14-16 digit “SIM Card number” beneath the barcode on the back of your SIM Card.

    2. You may choose to scan the barcode autofil the number or manually type it in.

    3. Tap “Continue” to initiate SIM activation.

  3. Once successfully activated, you will receive a success message. Tap “Continue”

  4. Set up your phone number. You can now choose to either transfer your phone number from a previous carrier or get a brand new number from us.

    1. To keep your current phone number and transfer it over, select “I’d like to bring my number”.

      1. If you selected to transfer your previous phone number, you’ll be asked the following:

        1. Check the transfer eligibility of your phone number.

        2. Complete the port-in process. You must complete this process before activating your eSIM.

    2. To receive a new phone number, select “I’d like a new number”.

  5. Install your SIM Card. Once you’ve transferred your phone number or received a new one, you’re ready to install your SIM card. Continue through or navigate back to the “Set-up” tab to continue the process.

    1. Locate the SIM Card tray on your device. Carefully open the tray.

    2. Pop out the correct size SIM card from your card.

    3. Insert the SIM card into the device and close the tray.

  6. SIM setup complete! Your Helium Mobile SIM should now be successfully activated and installed on your device. View your phone number and plan details by navigating to the “Plans” tab on the app or to

Frequent Asked Questions

I lost my SIM card, how do I replace it?

If you have lost a SIM card before activation, email [email protected] to inquire about receiving a replacement bundle.

If you have lost a SIM card after activation, email [email protected] for replacements, and also contact Helium Mobile Support to suspend your account until you receive the replacement SIMs from the Solana Mobile team.

Where do I get my card?

The SIM cards will be shipped directly by the Solana Mobile team after you complete your purchase of the Saga phone. If you need to update your shipping address, or if you haven't received the SIMs, reach out to [email protected].

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