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Phone Number Transferring/Porting
Phone Number Transferring/Porting

The ins-and-outs of porting your phone number from your old carrier to your new Helium Mobile account

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If you're looking to keep your existing phone number, there are a few bits of information that we'll need. Here's a list of things to have ready:

  • Your Phone Number: This is the phone number that you would like us to transfer.

  • Your zip code is associated with your old service provider; this is the zip code that was used with your previous carrier. Your service address may have been referred to as a "primary address." serviceoldcode zip

  • The name of your old service provider or carrier

  • Old Service Provider Account Number: This is the account number or account ID you had associated with your old carrier. If you are unsure where to locate this, please contact your previous carrier.

  • Old Service Provider Passphrase or Pin: This is the passphrase or pin associated with your old carrier. When porting out, your carrier may have provided you with a number transfer pin. Use this here. If you are unsure where to locate this, please contact your previous carrier. transfer number

Each carrier handles porting a bit differently. Depending on which one you had, here are some tips:

If you already have a Helium Mobile account with a phone number that wasn't ported, please open up a Chat with the support team to help get the port processed! (You'll still need to have the information above at the ready)


You can request your number transfer PIN by calling *PORT (*7678).

After submitting your "Port In" information, you may receive a "Port Failed" message. Don't worry, we'll be able to resolve this in a few steps:

  1. Check your text messages for a message from AT&T. This text will include your phone number and confirm your port from AT&T.

  2. Once you've received this text, your phone number will be released by AT&T. You're now ready to head back to Helium Mobile!

  3. Log back into your Helium Mobile account.

  4. Locate the chatbot in the bottom right-hand corner of your account and contact support.

  5. Confirm with Helium Mobile support that you've received your confirmation text from AT&T, and we'll proceed with transferring your number over. Support will also need your AT&T account number and Number Transfer Pin again to resubmit the request.


You can request your number transfer PIN by calling #PORT (#7678).

Prepaid Accounts

If you've never bothered to create an official account on your previous carrier's website, it may take an additional call to your carrier to obtain the account number.

AT&T Prepaid, for example, you will need to call 800.901.9878 to get your account number (remember, it's different than your phone number).

For prepaid accounts, you may only have an account PIN. In this case, that would be used for the number transfer PIN.

Other carriers may have specific steps, but in general the requirements are comparable.

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