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Setting Up Your Account
Setting Up Your Account

A step-by-step walkthrough on setting up your Helium Mobile account.

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Signing up as never been easier! Before you begin, head over to the Helium Mobile app or our website.

1. Create an account.

To get started, enter your email address to create your Helium Mobile account. Once your email is accepted, you'll be able to set your password. Passwords must be at least 8 characters, and include one number and one special character.

Once you Click "Continue", a verification email will be sent to your email address. After clicking the verification link, it will redirect you to sign-up page to continue setting up.

2. Confirm your Details

Now we'll just need to confirm your basic details to get you setup.

a. Full name: Enter your full name (this is the name of Helium Mobile account holder).

b. Home Address: Your home address is the primary address where you will be using Helium Mobile service. This address is used to calculate location-based taxes and as your e911 address. This address must be kept accurate.

You may check “My home address is the same as my billing address” to autofill your billing address.

c. Billing Address: Your billing address is the address associated with your payment method. Please ensure your address is accurate for a smooth checkout process.

d. Promotion Codes: Enter in any applicable promotion to apply to your subscription.

If you are signing up with a referral link on the web, your referral will be applied and you will not be eligible for an additional promotion. On the app, you may enter in your friend's 6 digit referral code here.

*Limit of one code per subscription.

e. Payment Information: Finally, to complete your purchase, enter your payment information. We require the following details:

  • Credit Card Number

  • CVC Number

  • Payment Method Zip Code: This is the zip code associated with your billing address.

  • Approval of automatic monthly payments by checking “I allow Helium Mobile to automatically bill my card each month.”

Tap “Proceed to Checkout” to continue. (If you are unable to “Proceed to Checkout”, please verify that all information has been filled).

3. Order Summary and Helium Mobile Terms

Next, you'll see a brief overview of your Helium Mobile plan, including the cost of your plan with taxes and fees, as well as any added discounts.

You'll also see a list of our legal terms. Before joining Helium Mobile, we'll need you to have read and agreed to the following terms:

Finally, you can tap “Confirm and Pay” to complete your purchase and subscribe to Helium Mobile (By confirming and paying, you certify that you are 18 years or older.)

Note, you may receive a $1 hold on your payment method used to validate your details.

4. You’re in! Get the Helium Mobile app.

After reviewing your order confirmation details and receiving a confirmation email, you're ready to get connected with your SIM and activate your Helium Mobile service.

To choose and set up your SIMs, download the Helium Mobile App on iOS or Android. (minimum supported OS versions are Android 11 and iOS 14.)

Already downloaded the app? Click here to learn how to choose and set up your SIMs.

Helium Mobile is currently limited to Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties in Florida. If you are not located in one of these counties, you are not eligible to sign up... yet. Keep on eye out for updates!

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