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Discovery Mapping: Troubleshooting
Discovery Mapping: Troubleshooting
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Discovery Mapping is a great way to contribute to the growth of the Helium Mobile network, with the opportunity to earn MOBILE tokens as a reward. As there are specific requirements to qualify for the Discovery Mapping rewards, there are a number of possible reasons as to why you may see no rewards on a specific day. This guide walks through various troubleshooting steps you can take related to Discovery Mapping.

Note: GrapheneOS is not supported.

  • I’ve been moving around but my app is not showing location events.

    • “Precise location” (iOS and Android) and “Battery Optimization” (Android) features can affect if events are submitted accurately. “Precise Location” needs to be enabled to ensure location events are submitted accurately. If “Battery Optimization” is enabled, the Helium Mobile app cannot run in the background, which prevents events from sending. This feature needs to be disabled.

    • To correct: Enable ”Precise Location” in your device settings. If using an Android, make sure “Battery Optimization” is disabled for the Helium Mobile App.

  • Mapping keeps turning off on its own.

    • Android phones have a Battery Optimization feature. When enabled, your phone can put the app to sleep when it's running in the background. This prevents your phone from sending events to the app and often shuts off mapping altogether.

    • To correct: Disable Battery Optimization for the Helium Mobile app. This can be done in Settings > Apps > Helium Mobile > App Battery Usage > select Unrestricted.​

  • The reward period is over. Where are my rewards?

    • It can take some time for the calculation and distribution of rewards to process on the blockchain and refresh in the app.

    • To correct: Check back after a few hours.

I did all of this. Why is it still not working?

Here are a few other troubleshooting issues to consider with Discovery Mapping.

  • The same account is signed in on multiple phones.

    • Only one login is able to earn rewards!

    • To correct: Ensure there are no other devices logged into the Helium Mobile account.

  • The phone is not physically moving with Discovery Mapping enabled.

    • May seem obvious, but the phone does need to travel with you when you are mapping.

    • To correct: Stick the phone in your pocket, your purse, a lanyard, hold it in your hand, just be sure to carry it with you!

  • The Helium Mobile app is not up-to-date.

    • As Discovery Mapping evolves, old versions of the app may no longer be submitting the correct information. It's always recommended to use the most recent version (available in the app store) to ensure all requirements are met.

    • To correct: Visit the app store and update to the latest version of the Helium Mobile app.

  • Your Helium Mobile plan is unpaid or suspended.

    • An Active up-to-date Helium Mobile plan is required in order to participate in the program.

    • To correct: Update your account info to bring the account current. Please reach out to support at any time if there are any questions regarding your account.

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