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Refer-a-Friend FAQs
Refer-a-Friend FAQs
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How it Works

All referrals (from any date) must meet our qualification requirements to earn credit. Please review the requirements below.

How does the Refer-a-Friend program work?

The Helium Mobile Refer-a-Friend program provides every Helium Mobile subscriber with an active SIM with the chance to invite their friends. Subscribers can use their own unique sign-up link or code to refer their friends. Friends who sign up, activate their SIM, and are subscribed for 2 billing cycles will earn both parties a $5 credit towards their next bill.

Can any Helium Mobile subscriber participate in the Refer-a-Friend program?

Only Helium Mobile subscribers with an active SIM can refer people to sign-up.

Who can sign up for Helium Mobile through the Refer-a-Friend program?

Anyone in the United States can sign up through the Refer-a-Friend program (all users must be 18 years or old to sign-up).

What is a "pending" referral?

A subscriber who signs-up through a referral link or code, but does not have any activated SIMs or has not been signed up for at least 2 billing cycles, is considered a “pending” referral. This subscriber is not eligible to earn a $5 credit towards their next bill until they meet these requirements.

The Helium Mobile subscriber who referred this friend will not earn the $5 credit towards their next bill for a "pending" referral. The number of “pending” referrals will be visible in thesubscriber’s referral dashboard on the web and the app.

What is a "qualified" referral?

A subscriber who signs up through a referral code/link and meets our qualification requirements. Once qualified, the subscriber is eligible for a $5 credit towards their next bill. The qualification requirements are:

  • The subscriber has activated their SIM

  • The subscriber has been signed up for at least 2 paid billing cycles (roughly 35 days)

    • Free trial months will not count towards qualification. All billing cycles must be paid to count towards a qualifying billing cycle.

The Helium Mobile subscriber who referred this friend will also earn the $5 credit towards their next bill for a "qualified" referral if their account and SIM are active. The number of “qualified” referrals will be visible in the subscriber’s referral dashboard on the web or the Helium Mobile app.

Where can I find my referral link or code?

Within your account via the web, you can find your referral link and code by navigating to “Referrals” on the top right menu bar. On the Helium Mobile app, you can find your referral code on the “Referrals” tab. If you don’t see this tab, please ensure that your SIM is activated (you may need to refresh the page after activation).

Does the $5 credit include taxes? Will my plan be free for the month?

Your Refer-a-Friend credit is a flat amount of $5.00, no matter the cost of your plan, that is automatically applied to your next bill. This will not cover any additional local, state, or federal taxes and fees that may be applied to your bill.

Can I cash out my Refer-a-Friend credit when I cancel my plan?

Nope! Refer-a-Friend credit is credit applied towards the subscriber’s bills. If a subscriber cancels, they will lose their credit. There is no way to apply the credit as a refund or as payment to your billing method. Any credit earned through this program is non-transferrable between subscriber accounts.

What happens when my Refer-a-Friend credit runs out?

Don't worry! If your Refer-a-Friend credit runs out, we will automatically charge your payment method on file. (So make sure it's updated!). Or, take advantage of our newest Pay with MOBILE feature to prepay for your plan.

Once I earn Refer-a-Friend credit, is there a receipt?

You can view your total credit balance by navigating to Me > Billing > Credits. This credit balance is the sum total of all credits associated with your account, including both Pay with MOBILE credit and Refer-a-Friend credit.

Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer to Helium Mobile through my link?

There is currently no limit to how many friends you can refer through your link, earning you $5 toward your bill for each. Helium Mobile has the right to impose limits on the number of referrals and/or the amount of credit you can receive for each referral in the future.

I referred my friend but my credit doesn't cover my monthly subscription cost. How come?

Our Refer-a-Friend program continues to be a $5-for-$5 program, no matter the price of your plan. Upon meeting the requirements to earn credit, you will receive a $5.00 credit (this may not cover the taxes and fees associated with your plan. Read more here.)

I forgot to enter my referral code! Can it be applied afterwards.

Unfortunately, referral codes must be applied during the time of sign-up. Referral codes can not be applied retroactively after sign-up. If a technical error occurs, please contact support for a solution.

I met the qualification requirements, when will I receive my credit?

Once you have met the qualification requirements, you will receive you and your friend will receive the $5 credit within one hour.

My referred friend received their credit, but I did not. Why not?

You must be an active subscriber with an active SIM to be eligible for referral credit. If your friend has met their qualifications, but your account or SIM is not active, you will not be eligible for the credit.

I signed up with my friend’s code and they cancelled their plan before I qualified. Will I still earn my credit?

Yes! If your friend has cancelled their plan before you’ve had the chance to qualify, you will still earn your $5 credit after meeting the qualification requirements.

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