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Using MOBILE Pay
Using MOBILE Pay
Updated over a week ago

Want to pay for your Helium Mobile subscription with MOBILE rewards? Now you can with the Helium Mobile app! (Download here if you haven't yet)

New Feature! You can now use MOBILE Pay in the Helium Mobile Subscriber Store.

Just click on the "Store" tab in your app to purchase phones or hotspots using your MOBILE. You can learn more about the subscriber store here,

1) On the Me tab, scroll down to the Billing Methods section and tap Prepay with MOBILE

2) There are a few informational screens, so tap How does it work? > What if I don't have MOBILE > Prepay with MOBILE

3) Choose between 1 and 3 months to prepay the full subscription for that duration (including taxes), tap on your selection and then the Confirm Payment button.

That's it! The MOBILE payment will process and you’ll see the Applying Credit screen. This is adding the US dollar amount to your subscription to be used for the next renewal.

You can see your total credit listed under the Billing Methods section as well.

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