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What it is MOBILE Pay?

MOBILE Pay is a feature unique to Helium Mobile where you can use MOBILE rewards earned from Discovery Mapping or creating Helium Mobile coverage on the Helium Network.

What can I use MOBILE Pay for?

MOBILE Pay can be used to prepay up to 3 months (inc. taxes and fees) of your Helium Mobile subscription service or you can use it to purchase items in the Helium Mobile Subscriber Store.

You can learn more about the Helium Mobile Subscriber Store here.

How much MOBILE is needed to pay for a month of service or items from the subscriber store?

We use CoinGecko to determine the MOBILE:USD exchange rate and the amount is displayed in the Helium Mobile App. The exchange rate refreshes every one minute during MOBILE Pay enrollment to make sure the amount is as up-to-date as possible.

Is there a service fee or transaction fee to use MOBILE Pay?

While there is a transaction fee (in SOL) for all transactions on the blockchain, Helium Mobile covers this transaction fee for MOBILE Pay payments.

Can I use MOBILE Pay to pay for part of a product or month of service?

At this time, pay with MOBILE supports payment for 1, 2, or 3 full months or cover a complete transaction in the Helium Mobile Subscriber Store. We do not currently offer partial payments. You can use Discovery Mapping to continue to earn rewards until you accumulate enough MOBILE to cover the full cost of your desired transaction.

Can I prepay for longer than 3 months?

Currently 3 months is the maximum prepayment period. After your subscription renews and the last of the credit gets applied, you’ll be able to top up and select up to 3 additional months to prepay with MOBILE again.

What happens to my MOBILE Pay subscription payment if I move to another city with different taxes or fees?

Once the MOBILE payment is confirmed, that USD amount is credited to your subscription. The taxes and fees for your subscription are based on the Service Address on file with your account. If you move to a different city or state, there’s a good chance the taxes/fees will be different.

If the fees go up in the new location, the USD credits will be still be applied and any remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file (If the overage is less than $0.50, the excess will apply to next month’s invoice.). Once all credits are used, you can revisit the MOBILE Pay flow to add additional months at the current rates.

Can I enroll in MOBILE Pay without the app?

No, at this time the only way to utilize MOBILE rewards for your subscription or to access the subscriber store is through the Helium Mobile app. Trying to send MOBILE tokens in any other way will result in a loss of those tokens. Sending MOBILE without using MOBILE Pay enrollment will not be applied to the subscription and will not be returned.

Can I use other crypto tokens to pay for my subscription or in the subscriber store?

No, only MOBILE tokens on the Helium Network are able to be used with MOBILE Pay. Attempting to send any other tokens outside of the app will not apply to the subscription and will not be returned - which will result in a loss of those tokens.

Where I can view and download my MOBILE Payments?

You will be able see their credit balance under Me > Billing Methods > Billing Methods. You can also see view the transaction in the Helium Mobile App by going to Wallet > Tokens > Transactions.

Can I get a refund for a MOBILE Pay payment?

MOBILE Pay payments are non-refundable.

What if I used MOBILE Pay but I want to cancel my account?

The prepaid credits will apply to your account until they are gone, at which point the account will be cancelled.

My MOBILE Pay transaction failed, what do I do?

If the transaction fails, no MOBILE tokens are transferred out of your account. There is also no transaction hash created and it will not show up in the Transactions section of your wallet. In this case, you can revisit the MOBILE Pay flow and try again!

The transaction went through but I got an error applying the credit to my account, what now?

If the transaction completes on the blockchain but there’s an error applying the credit toy our account, please let us know! Right in the app you’re able to send a message to the support team with the transaction hash. Once everything is confirmed on the blockchain, your account will be credited with the balance.

If I turn on Discovery Mapping how many MOBILE rewards can I earn?

Helium Mobile Network service providers, including Nova Labs, do not issue token rewards to Helium Mobile subscribers. The Helium Mobile Network rewards Helium Mobile subscribers with MOBILE rewards in exchange for helping build the network via Discovery Mapping. For more information, please visit the Helium Community open source repository here:

Can I share my MOBILE rewards to other Helium Mobile subscribers so they can pay their bill? Or can someone share their MOBILE rewards I can use to pay for my bill?

MOBILE rewards can be transferred to another compatible wallet from the Helium Mobile App. Please be aware that once transferred, MOBILE rewards cannot be recovered.

Can I use the MOBILE rewards earned from my Helium Mobile Hotspot to pay for my Helium Mobile plan?

Yes! You will need to transfer MOBILE rewards you earned from your Helium Mobile Hotspot or other Helium Mobile Network hardware to your Helium Mobile Wallet.

For more information about Helium Mobile Hotspots go here:

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