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eSIMs and pSIMs
eSIMs and pSIMs
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My other/old carrier is blocking me from adding an eSIM to my phone, help!

We recommend contacting your previous carrier directly to troubleshoot. If your phone is locked to your carrier, you will not be eligible to purchase a Helium Mobile plan.

Can I use an eSIM or do I need a physical SIM (PSIM) card as well?

This will depend on which phone you have! We will offer a recommendation between eSIM and pSIM based on your device IMEI, but you will be able to choose either when signing up.

Can I use multiple SIMs on my phone?

Only certain models are dual-eSIM compatible and can utilize multiple eSIMs. Please refer to the manufacturers documentation to find your phones dual-sim compatibility.

How do I switch from pSIM to eSIM?

Please reach out to support using Live Chat or email [email protected] and we can help!

How do I transfer my contacts to my eSIM?

Most phones don't store the contacts on the SIM, but rather utilizing the built-in storage or cloud storage to save them. If you do have contacts on a different SIM, you can use the Import SIM Contacts option in that section to do this before switching to Helium Mobile.

What happens when I get a new number?

You will lose your voicemail and call history. Unless you are using a new phone, your contacts will remain unchanged when you install your SIM.

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