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What happens if my payment fails?

If we are unable to charge your card for the next billing cycle, your account will go into suspension. We do send notifications both through the app and via email when this occurs, or if your card is nearing expiration, to help try and prevent this. You can update your card on file at any time in the app by tapping “Me” in the lower right, selecting the “Me” tab at the top, and scrolling to the Billing section.

When does the Billing Cycle start? How do I find my renewal date?

Your billing cycle begins on the day you activate your account and will renew monthly on that day. So if you activate it on March 15th, it will renew on the 15th of each month. If a month doesn’t have that start date, it will be billed on the last day of the month. For example, starting on January 31, February 28 would renew (or February 29 in a leap year), then March 31, April 30, and so on. This date is visible right in the app, within the "Me > Plan" section. Note that there is currently no way to change the billing date.

How do I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method on the Helium Mobile app or by accessing your Helium Mobile account on your browser. You can update your card on file at any time in the app by tapping “Me” in the lower right, selecting the “Me” tab at the top, and scrolling to the Billing section. Please ensure that the information you enter is correct and valid, as a card error may result in a failed payment.

Where can I view/download my invoice?

You can update your card on file at any time in the app by tapping “Me” in the lower right > selecting the “Me” tab at the top, and tapping the View Billing History button in the Billing Info section

How do I cancel my plan and get a refund?

We understand that things change. You can cancel your plan at any time by making the change on your account at or in the Helium Mobile App. We reserve the right to terminate any service plan you purchased from us at our discretion at any time and by these Ts&Cs and our Acceptable Use Policy.

You may request a refund on the full purchase price and any associated fees and taxes if you cancel your services within 7 calendar days of activation. To initiate a refund, you must complete a refund request form. If you received a physical SIM kit, you do not need to send it back to complete the cancellation. All refunds will be processed within 60 business days after you submit the refund request form. If you cancel your plan after more than 7 calendar days of activation, your services will remain active until the end of the corresponding billing cycle, and you will not be refunded for the plan or any additional services you purchased.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?

Currently, cryptographic payments are not accepted.

Can I use a prepaid credit card?

Unfortunately no, prepaid cards are not accepted at this time.

If I make changes to my plan, is billing prorated?

All plan changes take effect on your next billing cycle, so upgrades are not prorated. You can make adjustments to your plan directly in the Helium Mobile app, or through the website here:

Are there any taxes or fees?

Yes. Your Helium Mobile Plan is subject to federal, state, and legal fees based on your provided service address.

  • FCC Regulatory Fee (Wireless)

  • Federal USF Cellular

  • E911 Fee

  • E988 Fee

  • State Wireless/Telecom Fees

  • Local Wireless/Telecom Fees

*On signup, there is a $1.00 hold placed on the account to verify the credit card. This temporary hold will automatically remove itself within 5-7 business days. If after 7 business days you still see this hold, please reach out to the support team using the Live Chat feature in your account, or email [email protected].

What happens if my bill is overdue?

You will have a 3-day grace period to pay your monthly bill. You will receive a reminder email when your bill is one day overdue. After 3 days, your service will be temporarily suspended. After you pay your bill, your service will be restored.

My subscription was suspended, how long do I have before it deactivates?

Once your subscription has been suspended, you have 60 days to pay your bill before we deactivate your account. Once your account is deactivated, your SIMs, phone number, and account will no longer be usable. You will no longer have service with Helium Mobile.

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