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Will using a Beta CBRS eSIM affect my current service?

Nope! This Beta program is completely separate from your Helium Mobile Unlimited voice and data service. Since this is another SIM, your Helium Mobile Voice and Data SIM will not be affected.

Can I use this SIM instead of my Helium Mobile Voice and Data SIM?

Nope! This is a secondary, testing CBRS SIM. This SIM is not meant to replace your Helium Mobile Voice and Data SIM. Do not delete any active SIMs during this program.

Will I receive texts and calls to my phone number?

Yes! Ensure that your Helium Mobile SIM is still set as the primary SIM in your device’s Settings. For more SIM information, view this guide.

Why is my CBRS eSIM not activating?

Your CBRS SIM will only activate when in proximity to a CBRS radio. While your CBRS SIM is away, it will continually look for a CBRS radio and will activate when nearby.

If you need help locating your nearest CBRS radio, login to the Coverage Planner to explore connectivity in your area. Your login information is the same as your Helium Mobile account.

I received an error that there are no more eSIMs, what do I do?

We appreciate your interest in our Beta program. If you have received this message, we are currently out of Beta eSIMs. Please look out for a public announcement or update on the status of this program.

Where can I provide feedback on the beta program?

Please provide feedback through this form:

I am a coverage provider. Will I receive data transfer rewards during the beta?

Data transfer rewards are not currently available for the beta program, but we are expecting to bring them online the second week of June. We will update this FAQ once data transfer rewards are live.

Can I request a new geofence profile?

Yes! If you’ve moved or deleted the profile, you can re-download it by navigating to the Beta tab on your account.

Radios included in the profile will change over time. The exact period of updates to the radio inventory for geofence profiles is still being determined.

Can I make voice calls on the CBRS eSIM?

No, this SIM is data-only. Please continue to use your Helium Mobile primary SIM to text and call.

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