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CBRS Beta Set-Up
Updated over a week ago

iOS 17 or Android 14 or better is required to participate in the Helium Mobile CBRS Beta, as these OS versions are better optimized for network switching that older versions cannot support.

Geofence Profiles can only be installed on iPhone 12 and up. For the best user experience, we recommend iPhone 13 and newer.

Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pros: The SIM Manager on the Android OS crashes when it scans the QR code. This is a known issue, and we are investigating it. This means that Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pros cannot install the CBRS SIM for now.

Welcome to the CBRS Beta!

Helium Mobile is excited to bring back CBRS Radio support to our subscribers.

This is a new and improved version of the 2-SIM approach if you were part of the early Helium Mobile days.

💡A limited number of community members participated in an early Alpha of this program. If you are one of them, delete the old eSIM and profile and re-enroll. We appreciate you!

You'll install the second CBRS eSIM alongside your primary Helium Mobile SIM that services your voice, text, and primary data. Don't delete your Helium Mobile SIM!

Find The Beta on

  1. Navigate to on a desktop browser

  2. Find the new "Beta" tab

Join The Beta

  1. Scroll down to find available Beta programs. Beta programs are only available for active subscribers.

Complete the questionnaire

1. The CBRS Beta is available to iOS 17 and Android 14 phones only.

If you have an older phone, this program is unsupported and will not function as expected.

If you previously had a CBRS SIM, please remove the physical SIM from the device or delete the CBRS eSIM. Failing to do so may result in errors.

2. If you're on an iOS 17 device, you'll confirm your address so a geofence profile can be created. Note: Geofence Profiles are not supported on Android

What's a geofence profile?

Geofence profiles, available for iOS, contains a list of 1000 CBRS radios nearest to your location. The iOS device then uses this list of radios and their locations to optimally connect and disconnect from the radio, without connectivity disruptions.

3. Finally, agree to the terms and conditions and complete sign-up. Next, we'll install your eSIM!

Install CBRS-only eSIM

To install this SIM, we require the following:

  • You must be in range of a functional CBRS radio.

  • You must have wifi on.

During iOS eSIM activation, if you're not in range of a CBRS radio, the activation may be delayed until you are within the appropriate network coverage. Please see to find a radio near you.

Once you are in range of a CBRS radio, the activation process should automatically finalize, and your eSIM-enabled device should connect to the network.

Activation may time out, and you'll have to revisit setup to install the eSIM again. This is the error message if you cannot activate within range of a functional CBRS radio.

  1. Scan the QR code attached to your email with the camera app on your iPhone and follow the activation instructions. You can also find the QR code on web by clicking Revisit Setup.

  2. Label your SIM as "CBRS UX" or a name that you will recognize.

  3. For iOS only, set "CBRS UX" as the default for Data and turn on “Allow Cellular Data Switching”. When this has been configured successfully, you should see the message "Cellular coverage and location determine which SIM is used. Selecting a SIM prioritizes that network until tomorrow".


Samsung Devices will need to set your APN to internet and then cycle the eSIM off and on again.


Download your Geofence Profile (iOS Only)

Please note that geofence profiles are available on iOS only for iPhone 12 and up (we recommend iPhone 13+, but it works ok on iPhone 12).

  1. Login to your Helium Mobile account on your mobile browser (Safari only). You must be on your device to download your profile.

  2. Re-enter the "CBRS" beta steps by navigating to "Beta" > "Revisit Steps".

  3. On your mobile browser (Safari only), tap the green "Download Profile" button to download the geofence profile directly to your device.

After downloading the profile:

  1. Tap "Allow" on the pop-up that appears.

  2. Navigate to your device's "Settings". Locate "Profiles Downloaded" and install the profile.

If you see this error, it means your phone is not compatible and may have other Device Management tools installed, is carrier locked, or the hardware is not supported. Check out Apple's device support table for Private Cellular Networks for additional information.

Important: If you have previously installed a geofence profile, you must delete the profile for your new profile to function properly. Users can check by going to Settings > type “VPN” and select “VPN & Device Management”. There should only be 1 configuration profile titled “Cellular Private Network”.

Final Checks

On iOS, make sure the Default Voice Line is set to your Helium Mobile primary SIM (this has your phone number and texting capabilities) and your Cellular Data is set to your new CBRS eSIM.

Note: Any changes in Cellular Settings in iOS usually take 24+ hours to "stick". This is not something Helium Mobile can control.

On Android, make sure Calls & SMS are set to your Helium Mobile primary SIM (this has your phone number and texting capabilities).

Android does not intelligentally/automatically switch between the Helium Mobile primary SIM and the CBRS SIM, so you'll need to set it as default manually.

That's it!

Thanks for joining the CBRS Beta program. Look out for emails and survey opportunities. As always, feedback is welcomed.

Moved or need a new geofence profile? Head back to "Revisit Setup", update your address and download a new geofence profile.

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