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Group Plans FAQ
Group Plans FAQ

Thinking about joining a group? We'll show you how!

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How do I create a group plan?

$20 Unlimited subscribers can send an invite to a friend or your chosen family member to create a group. You will need to provide a valid email address for the person you wish to invite. When they accept, they’ll just need to create an account using their email, set a password, and provide their name and home address. Group members will not need to provide any payment. Once complete, they’ll be ready to get started with Helium Mobile.

How much is a subscription per line?

All subscribers get the same $20 Unlimited Plan, no matter the number of lines.

How many people can I add to my group?

Including the group admin, groups can contain a maximum of 8 subscribers. So you can add up to 7 people.

Need more than 8 lines? Contact our sales team.

Are there age restrictions for a group plan?

Helium Mobile subscriptions are only available to individuals 18 years old and above. Accordingly, group members must also be 18 and above to join or be added to a group plan.

My friend / chosen family member is already on Helium Mobile. Can I add them to my group?

Right now, only new subscribers (not already on Helium Mobile) can be added to a group. Stay tuned for future updates on this.

How does billing work?

The group admin will be billed for all lines on the group account, where taxes will be calculated individually per member. When a new member is added, the amount is prorated for the first month so the billing date remains the same for the admin. Referral credits will be applied to the shared bill, and can not be transferred.

Payment information will only be visible to the group admin.

Can I leave a group, or remove someone from my group?

Group members can leave a group at any time without permission from the group admin. If a subscriber leaves a group, they will need to provide payment information at that time and switch to an individual plan.

Group admins can remove someone from a group at any time with no notice to them.

Does each person in my group have their own Helium Mobile wallet?

Yes, group members all have their own individual wallets, and manage their own Discovery Mapping rewards.

How does Discovery Mapping work with a group plan?

All group members have the ability to opt in to Discovery Mapping. All Discovery Mapping rewards are individual and are not shared by the group.

Can I use pay with MOBILE if I’m in a group plan?

Not yet, but stay tuned for this in the future!

Does the whole group share data?

Nope! Every group member gets unlimited talk, text, and data.

Can I limit or moderate usage on people within my group?

Nope! Group members have full control over their own data usage.

Can add-ons like International Roaming be added to the whole group?

At this time, International Roaming is not available for group members. Stay tuned for updates!

Can I create a group plan for employees at my business?

Yes! If you are interested in a business plan, contact our sales team.

If I want to cancel my group plan, does every line get canceled?

All group members must be removed or leave a group before a Group Admin can cancel their plan. If a subscription is cancelled due to lack of payment, all subscribers in the group will be cancelled.

Where can I see everyone on my group plan?

You can view your group members from your Helium Mobile account.

Can I use my referral code to invite people to a group plan?

Group members are able to participate in the Refer-a-Friend program. Each group member with an active sim will have a referral code. However, successful referrals will result in a credit to the Group Admin. Individual credits cannot be earned for group members.

The same referral qualifications must be met to earn a Refer-a-Friend Credit:

1. Group Admin has an activated SIM.

2. The referred subscriber must be subscribed for at least 2 billing cycles

3. The referred subscriber must have an activated SIM.

I was in a group plan that got canceled, can I reactivate on my own?

Contact our support team within 60 days and they can help you reactivate.

I was removed from my group plan, can I recover my number?

If you have been removed from your group, please contact support to reactivate your number or port it. We will save your phone number for 60 days.

I’m on a $5 plan, can everyone in my group receive this price?

No, any new lines added to your group will cost $20/month.

I’m in a group as a member - can I see who is in my group?

No. The Group Admin of your account will be able to see all group members. SIM information, phone numbers, data usage, and similar information is only visible to the individual group member.

Can I be a part of multiple groups at once?

There is a limit of one group per subscription.

Can I invite someone who is already in a group to join mine?

At this time, you cannot invite an existing Helium Mobile subscriber to join a group.

Can I be invited to multiple groups at once?

There is a limit of one group invite per email. If an email has already been invited, you may not send them another invite until the original invitation has been rejected or revoked.

I invited someone to the group, but I changed my mind. Can I revoke their invitation?

Yes! If you invited someone by accident, made a typo in the email, or just changed your mind, you may revoke the invitation from the Helium Mobile app or web.

Group plans are available on app version 1.10 and later

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