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Setting your APN
Setting your APN
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To help make the most of your Helium Mobile subscription, you'll need to make sure to use the correct Access Point Name (APN) instead of the default one (this is also necessary if you plan to travel internationally and utilize the international plan).

  1. On Android, go to Settings > Network and Internet > SIMs > Select your SIMs > Access Point Names. Then, tap the “+” button in the top right corner. Create a new APN called “helium-mobile”. Save your new APN. Once saved, select “helium-mobile” as your new APN.

  2. On iOS,

    1. Go to Settings > Cellular > Select your SIM > Cellular Data Network. Change your Access Point Name from “wholesale” to “helium-mobile” (this can also be done for the Personal Hotspot section in the same menu).

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