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Helium Mobile Wallet
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What is a Helium Mobile Wallet?

Helium Mobile wallet is a digital wallet included in your Helium Mobile subscription. You can use the wallet to hold digital assets such as tokens and badges. When you subscribe to Helium Mobile, your wallet account is automatically created on the Solana blockchain and associated with your Helium Mobile account.

What functionality does the Helium Mobile Wallet have?

Through the Helium Mobile wallet, you can claim your Subscriber badge, MOBILE and other rewards, and hold any tokens on the Solana blockchain (sometimes referred to as SPL tokens) such as SOL, HNT, and MOBILE tokens. You can transfer tokens in and out of your Helium Mobile wallet to and from your other wallets that support such tokens. We plan to add more functionality to the wallet in the future!

What tokens does the Helium Mobile wallet support?

With app version 1.7.2 or newer, all Solana tokens are supported in the Helium Mobile app. Any token with a balance greater than 0 will show up in the Wallet > Tokens section > Manage Tokens section, and can be selected to display on the Tokens page.

How do I transfer tokens INTO my Helium Mobile Wallet?

  • To transfer supported tokens — SOL*, HNT, IoT or MOBILE — into your wallet, you first need to get the Helium Mobile wallet address at the bottom of the “Me” tab labeled “Solana Address”. Tapping on the address field will copy your wallet address to the phone’s clipboard.

  • Once you copy the address, you can enter it in the wallet from which you’d like to transfer or on one of the exchanges that support transferring of tokens.

    Some exchanges that may support these tokens include:

How do I transfer tokens OUT of my Helium Mobile wallet?

  • To transfer tokens from your Helium Mobile wallet, go to the “Wallet” tab and tap “Transfer”.

    Alternatively, you can tap on the token you wish to transfer in the “Tokens” tab. You will be taken to the “Transfer” screen where you can select the amount to transfer, change the token type, and enter the address of the wallet to which you wish to transfer your tokens.

  • You will see the cost of the transfer transaction in SOL*. If you see an “Insufficient Funds” error, please refer to “How do I transfer tokens INTO my Helium Mobile Wallet?” to learn how you can obtain SOL.

  • Once you have sufficient SOL in your account to cover the cost of transfer transaction, “Send payment” button will be enabled and you will be able to proceed with the transfer.

Please make sure you are sending the tokens to the correct wallet address. Once you tap “Send payment”, the action cannot be undone.

Can I switch the wallet address in the Helium Mobile app?

At this time, you cannot change the wallet address that lives in your Helium Mobile app. However, you can transfer Solana tokens in and out of this wallet using the wallet address within the app.

*For clarity, SOL is the native token of the Solana Network. For more information please visit

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