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Where do I find information in my account?

  • Set-Up Page: On the "Set-Up" page, you will find instructions on how to activate your Data eSIM and your Voice SIM.

  • Plan Page: On the "Plan" page, you will find information regarding your plan details. This page includes your current plan, your current plan’s features, your phone number, and your next billing date.

  • Me Page: The “Me” page includes your personal ("About Me") and billing details. Under "About Me", you will find your name, email address, service/shipping Address, e911 (emergency) address, and your Solana wallet address. Under "Billing Details", you will find your payment method, billing address, and billing history.

How do I transfer my phone number?

You can bring your current personal number to Helium Mobile and take it with you if you need to leave. Your phone number transfer will start once you subscribe and begin the activation process of your Voice SIM. While it may happen faster, it can take up to 24 hours to complete. Make sure to have the following information available:

  • Your Phone Number - this will be auto-filled from the number you provided during the signup

  • Your Service Address associated with your Old Service Provider - this is the full Service Address that was used with your Previous Carrier. Your Service Address may have been referred to as "Primary Address".

  • The Name of your Old Service Provider/Carrier

  • Old Service Provider Account Number - This is the account number or account ID you had associated with your old carrier. If you are unsure where to locate this, please contact your previous carrier.

  • Old Service Provider Passphrase/Pin - This is the passphrase or pin associated with your old carrier. When porting out, your carrier may have provided you with a Number Transfer Pin - use this here. If you are unsure where to locate this, please contact your previous carrier.

How do I edit my account details?

Making changes to your account is easy! You can edit your account details by navigating to the “Me” page after logging in. Select the Edit Icon (it's the icon shaped like a pencil) next to the section you’d like to make changes to. Please note, edits made may take up to a minute to update. We recommend refreshing your page to ensure that edits have updated.

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