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Helium Mobile FAQ
Helium Mobile FAQ

Information about our $5 plan and our launch city, Miami.

Updated this week

For existing Beta users who helped us test and provide feedback over the past few months, THANK YOU. And if you're new here, welcome!

This FAQ will guide you through all of the need to know details about Helium Mobile, the transition out of Beta, and our $5 Unlimited Plan.

Who can sign up?

Helium Mobile is currently open to residents of Miami-Dade County, as well as referrals from an existing subscriber. For more on the referral program, check out the Referral FAQ!

I was a Beta subscriber. How does this affect me?

First, thank you for your contributions and feedback during the Beta! Beta has officially come to an end, but this will not impact your subscription status. Plus, you’ll get unlimited talk, text, and data for just $5/month. You’ll receive an email with more details, but expect your first charge on September 5th.

What happened to my beta invite?

Helium Mobile Beta has concluded. If you received a beta invite and did not sign up, your email address was put back on the waitlist. Signups now are limited to the Miami area (our launch city!), or you can be referred by an existing subscriber.

Why can’t I sign up yet?

At this time we’re only accepting new signups from Miami-Dade County or through referrals. We’re rolling out Helium Mobile in one city to ensure we provide the best service for our subscribers and can expand people-built coverage locally. Get on our waitlist to be the first to know when Helium Mobile is available in your city.

Why Miami?

The community voted on Miami a few months ago when we asked for input on a launch city. We are the people’s carrier, so we take the perspectives of our community seriously. Miami’s reputation as an innovative city was also a factor.

I canceled my account during beta, can I reactivate?

At this time, only those in the designated zip codes are able to activate accounts.

How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information by logging into your account and going to Me > Billing Info.

More questions about billing? Check out the Billing FAQ!

When can I sign up in my city?

Right now we’re focused on building and scaling in the greater Miami area. Stay up to date on what comes next by getting on the waitlist.

I live in Miami-Dade county. How do I know if my zip code is included?

A list of the supported zip codes in the Miami area can be found here.

Will coverage still be nationwide even though you are launching in Miami-Dade county first?

While signups may be limited to referrals and the Miami area, subscribers will still have the same nationwide coverage they have grown to love.

How is Helium Mobile's Unlimited plan only $5/month?

By leveraging the Helium Mobile Network, we can greatly reduce how much it costs to is considerably cheaper to send data through than other networks. This means the more data that passes through the Helium Hotspots, the less cost we incur as a provider. This allows us to pass the savings directly to you, the customer! Check out our blog post that goes into more detail about Dynamic Coverage.

I’m a Saga user. How does this affect me?

Saga users who purchase their phones with Solana Mobile will be able to sign up regardless of where they live. You will need to sign up with the same email address used to order your Saga phone. Your first 30 days will be free of charge and after that you’ll receive unlimited talk, text, and data for $5/month.

If you’re a Saga user who already signed up for the Invite-Only Beta, your 30 day free trial will begin September 5th. On October 5th, you’ll receive unlimited talk, text, and data for $5/month.

When will Helium Mobile be available outside of the US?

We are a US only service at this time, and while we plan to offer international roaming for our subscribers in the future, we do not current have plans to offer services for subscribers outside of the US.

I attended the Helium Mobile Miami Meetup in January 2023. Do I still get 1 year free of unlimited data?

Yes, we will honor the promotion for those who attended the Helium Mobile Miami Meetup. Please use the e-mail you signed up with for the event for the promotion to be applied.

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