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Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs
Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs

This program is for current Helium Mobile users

Updated over a week ago

This program is currently paused. Stay tuned for the new Refer-A-Friend program, coming late October 2023!

Does Helium Mobile have a referral program?

Helium Mobile’s referral program is currently paused. The new referral program will launch late October 2023.

How come I can’t refer friends to Helium Mobile via the Referrals tab anymore?

Our referral program is currently paused. As a result, subscribers will no longer see the Referrals tab show up in their account.

Coming late October, subscribers in Miami-Dade county will have the opportunity to participate in new programs that reward them for spreading the word.

What if my friend invited me to Helium Mobile, but I haven’t signed up yet?

If you received an invitation to sign up for Helium Mobile from your friend, you can still sign up using the email the invitation was sent to! This invite does not expire.

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