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Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard FAQ
Helium Mobile Hotspot Dashboard FAQ
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What type of equipment is supported in the Helium Mobile Hotspots Dashboard?

Bobcat, FreedomFi, Linxdot, MerryIoT, and Nebra mobile hotspots are currently supported in the Cloud Dashboard. Additionally, you can view and register Baicells, FreedomFi, and MosoLabs CBRS indoor and outdoor radios.

How can I log in to the Mobile Hotspot Dashboard?

You need the Helium Wallet app installed on your phone to log in to Cloud Dashboard. Scanning the QR code on the main page will open the wallet app and will let you choose an account with which the hotspots are associated.

What information can I see about my mobile hotspots and radios?

Mobile hotspots:

  • General information like serial number, animal name

  • Software and firmware versions

  • Health metrics, like online status, uptime, memory usage, and load

  • Access to network services and speed test values


  • General information like serial number, manufacturer, model

  • Health metrics like online status, connection status to SAS (Spectrum Access System), and other Network services

  • Location data

  • Status of registration with CPI (Certified Professional Installer) for outdoor radios

What actions can I perform in the Mobile Hotspot Dashboard?

You can:

  • Update mobile hotspot software and perform a reboot and restart services actions.

  • Toggle on/off diagnostic access for mobile hotspot manufacturers. Please make sure diagnostic access is switched on when you contact support.

  • Register or re-register your outdoor radio.

What is the difference between reboot and restart services actions?

Reboot is a full power cycle for your mobile hotspot. Restart services only resets connection to the services required for the hotspot to be part of the Helium Mobile Network.

What information do I need to register my outdoor radio with CPI?

You will need

  • Street Address of installation

  • Height

  • Azimuth Angle

  • Elevation Angle

  • Type of external antenna, if any.

Please refer to the installation guide for your specific radio model for instructions on how to collect the necessary data:

When do I need to re-register my outdoor radio?

Each time you adjust the setup of your radio and/or external antenna, like location, height, and aiming angles, you must re-register your radio.

What should I do if I log in but don’t see my hotspots?

Please log out, and try to log in by choosing a different wallet account in the Helium Wallet app. Mobile hotspots are tied to wallet addresses. However, if you believe that this is an error, please open a support ticket

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