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Helium CBRS Roaming Known Issues
Helium CBRS Roaming Known Issues
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Helium CBRS Radios are part of the Helium Network that offloads cellular data from the greater T-Mobile network.

When Helium Mobile subscribers roam onto Helium CBRS Radios, Radio owners earn MOBILE for transferring data on behalf of subscribers.

We encourage all CBRS Radio owners to experience roaming with their Helium Mobile subscription. Please direct all feedback to the Helium Community Discord > #5G-CBRS.

When leaving feedback, first confirm that you're roaming on the Helium CBRS Network by following this guide.

Known Issues

Current as of July 12, 2023




Pixel 6 and 7 Pro device owners cannot roam onto the Helium CBRS Network.

This does not affect Pixel 4, 5, 6a.

Pixel 6 and 7 Pro users won't be able to connect to a CBRS Radio. Subscribers can continue to use the greater T-Mobile network for cellular service.

Android 14 Beta 4 contains a device-side bug fix that allows for CBRS roaming in Pixel 6 and 7 Pro devices.

Those who wish to try CBRS roaming can get on the public Android beta. Otherwise, device owners should wait for the public Android 14 release in August 2023.

Pixel 5a device owners do not roam onto Helium CBRS automatically the first time.

Unless Pixel 5a owners configure to connect to Helium network, it will not automatically roam.

Subsequent roaming sessions will happen automatically after setting the workaround.

In Settings > Network and Internet > SIMs > Data SIM > Toggle off Automatically Select Network > Select Helium LTE

For iOS users, It can take up to 5 minutes to roam out of Helium CBRS Coverage

iOS users may see no cellular connectivity for up to 5 minutes once they leave Helium CBRS coverage

Toggle airplane mode on and off to re-establish a cellular connection.

Initializing roaming onto a Helium CBRS Radio can take up to 48 hours

Once a Helium CBRS Radio receives its software update to enable roaming, Helium Mobile Subscribers may not roam immediately and can take up to 48 hours.


RESOLVED 6/21 Phone shows bars but no internet connectivity

Some device users may experience limited or no internet connectivity even if Network Status on the device indicate otherwise.

RESOLVED 6/21 Toggle airplane mode on and off to re-establish internet connectivity.

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