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Helium CBRS Roaming
Helium CBRS Roaming

Am I Roaming?

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Helium CBRS Radios are part of the Helium Network that offloads cellular data from the greater T-Mobile network.

What Helium Mobile subscribers roam onto Helium CBRS Radios, Radio owners earn MOBILE for transferring data on behalf of subscribers.

For more details, please read the blog post.

Am I Connected to a CBRS Radio?

To understand if you're connected to a Helium CBRS Radio, you must be a Helium Mobile subscriber. Visit for more information.

iOS Subscribers (based on iOS Version 16.5)

Please Ensure you have the latest iOS update to match the experience below:

1) Open the Phone app on your iPhone

2) Dial *3001#12345#* and then tap the green Call button: (Note: iOS does not enter test mode when the number is saved as a contact, you must enter it in the dial pad each time)

3) You will find yourself in the Field Test Mode Dashboard

  • Select the Carrier tab on the right, then tap Serving Cell Info

    • For Helium Mobile left “Carrier” is Voice SIM, right “Carrier” is Data SIM

  • Look for the PLMN

    • If PLMN is 314 330, you're connected to a Helium CBRS Radio

    • If PLMN is 310 260, you're connected to the T-Mobile macro network

Helium CBRS Radio: 314 330

T-Mobile macro network: 310 260

Android Subscribers

  1. Download and install "Network Cell info lite" from Google PlayStore

  2. Open the app and click on the RAW tab.

  3. Look for the MccMnc

    1. Connected to Helium 5G CBRS RADIO: 314 330

    2. Connected to TMO macro network: 310 260

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