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Enabling 5G on your Device
Enabling 5G on your Device

Enable 5G on your iOS device.

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Once you've activated and installed your Data eSIM, you’ll want to make sure that you can connect to our 5G Network. Don't worry, enabling 5G on your device is simple!

Here are instructions on how to enable 5G based on your device model. Please note, regardless of your device model, we always recommend updating your device is to the latest version of iOS.

If you have an iPhone 12 or below

You're all set!

If you have any iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 Model

Your device requires you to manually update just a few settings. Before we begin, please ensure you have iOS 16.4.0 or higher to enable 5G on your device.

  1. Once you've updated your iOS version, navigate to 'Settings' > 'Cellular'.

  2. Select the Helium Mobile Data eSIM to enable these changes.

  3. Navigate to 'Cellular Data Options' > 'Voice & Data'.

  4. You will now see two new options to enable 5G:

    1. To access 5G on whenever it is available, please choose 5G On (preferred).

    2. To access 5G only when needed, select 5G Auto (this will optimize battery performance).

Do you want to further optimize 5G on your device?

Looks like you're going above and beyond! You can optionally allow more data when you connect to a 5G network. To enable this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Cellular’ > ‘Cellular Data Options’ > ‘Data Mode’.

  2. Select ‘Allow More Data on 5G’.

  3. You're good to go!

Check out the video walkthrough:

Note: The video was done on an iPhone 13 Mini on iOS 16.4.0. If your phone shows these steps differently, please update the phone to at least IOS 16.4.0.

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